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CND Plexigel Color Builder 15ml
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CND Plexigel Color Builder 15ml

Build it with color! Plexigel Color Builder is a range new skin tone shades, to provide a real-looking natural nail. Save time by having enhancement and color in one system, instead of adding a color layer as a top coat. Adds length and strength to nails in a natural shade that fits clients skin tones.
The CND PLEXIGEL system is an innovative, brush-in-a-bottle nail enhancement system including a Bonder, Shaper, Builder, and Protective Top Coat.  For nail professionals of all levels, offer with confidence 3+ weeks of strength, length and shape to your customers!  The simple, hygienic, no-waste application provides a long-lasting, crystal clear nail enhancement that can be worn clear or that can be finished with your favorite CND nail color.  Fill, fix, shape, and build with this simple solution to all your nail structure problems!

-  No Pots, no tubes, no mixing, no mess
-  Enhancement and color in one, saves application time
-  Beautiful skin tone shades provide a natural looking nail.
-  Extra-durable 3+ weeks of no-lift adhesion

Builder creates strong, crystal clear, lightweight, medium to long nail enhancements.  Providing versatile service options CND Plexigel Builder can be used over a tip or over a sculpting form for a custom length.  The unique formula allows for building an apex on nails requiring more shape or length customizations.