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Moroccanoil Oxidative Cream Developer 1L
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Moroccanoil Oxidative Cream Developer 1L

Gloss, lighten, and tone—all you need to make the most of the Moroccanoil Professional Haircolor Collection. enriched with argan oil to achieve optimal color results and conditioning benefits. Formulated for use with Color Calypso Cream, Color Rhapsody, Color Rhapsody High Lift, Color Infusion, and Blonde Voyage Moroccanoil products.

Featuring the breakthrough ProArginine +ArganID system, hair of all types is left nourished, strengthened, and beautifully colored! ProArginine acts as an alkalizing agent, effectively swelling the cuticle and allowing haircolor to more easily penetrate into the hair. While ArganID technology features positively charged micro-particles that are attracted to the negatively charged hair fiber

-  Achieve optimal color results
-  Argan oil enriched
-  Conditioning benefits